TRE PIÙ UNO, Tenero, 2013

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Competition for the new kindergarten of tenero
Tenero, 2013

The new location of the kindergarten is placed on the ground n. 809 southwest of the elementary school, creating a public space between the two school buildings. In this way, the elementary school and kindergarten establish an urban unity and a close and precise volumetric relationship.
The primary school is made up of a three-storey volume, divided into a recessed ground floor of a public nature and two floors of classrooms. The new kindergarten includes a volume of only one floor which creates a precise spatial relationship with the elementary school. From the classrooms, the relationship with the open landscape to the south therefore remains intact.
The compact volume is divided into five sections plus a sixth compartment, which contains the kitchen and refectory of the elementary school, and which can be accessed independently from the square of the two schools.
The subdivision into five units towards the external play area and into six units towards the public entrance space creates the geometry and order that characterizes the architectural project.

Buzzi studio d’architettura, Locarno
Monotti Ingegneri Consulenti SA, Locarno