VIS-À-VIS, Lugano, 2018

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4° Prize - Competition for the new school centre in Viganello
Lugano, 2018

The protagonist of the La Santa area in Viganello is undoubtedly the Bottogno kindergarten, an emblematic building from the years 1968-70 designed by architects Aurelio Galfetti, Flora Ruchat and Ivo Trümpy. It is a cultural asset protected by the Canton, and as such it requires respect, guaranteed by the perimeter, but not only. Respect means maintaining the right distance, creating a precise spatial relationship between the existing and the new. The aim of our project is to redevelop the entire sector, enhancing it as a single campus with an urban and architectural unit, while creating a well-defined limit and precise relationships between the built volumes and the public space, between the kindergarten and the new buildings, between the sector and the Viganello district. The buildings are inserted in a park, with accesses at strategic points.

AF Toscano SA, Rivera
De Molfetta & Strode, Lugano